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It is Franck Muller Replica clear that the face of the watchmaking business has changed dramatically with the emergence of many Kickstarter projects. Some are more inspiring than others. Others are not worthy of Franck Muller Replica MONOCHROME coverage. Differentiation is crucial with so many new "brands". Atelier Wen is the brainchild of two young Frenchmen. The watches are slightly vintage-inspired, but have a Franck Muller Replica unique focus on China for both the design and manufacturing. The Porcelain Odyssey, their first collection.Two young Frenchmen (23 years old) are behind Atelier Wen. They are fresh graduates but have a passion about watches. Robin, one of the two has been collecting watches since he was 14 years old, with a particular focus on Chinese watchmaking. He has been a part of Franck Muller Replica several internships since then, including one at the French Chamber of Watchmaking and another as a permanent advisor to the Chinese government (again, in the watchmaking field). When they began to design their horological project together, the two thought immediately about China. Not only because of the Franck Muller Replica watchmaking, but also because of the potential target audience and design. Atelier Wen was created.Franck Muller Replica

Porcelain Odyssey is the inaugural collection.Swiss Replica Watches It was clearly inspired by Chinese traditions and art. What better way to represent China Franck Muller Replica than traditional Chinese porcelains with their distinctive white and blue colors? A quick glance at these watches' dials will reveal the answer. As we will see, there are many other references to China on these watches.The Atelier Wen porcelain Odyssey watches are a reasonable size and have a 39mm stainless-steel case. This is a design that was inspired by vintage French Franck Muller Replica watches from the 1950s. We were able to hold one of these watches for a few days and can confirm that it is well-designed, well-finished, and well-assembled, especially for a price Franck Muller Replica below EUR 500. The lugs feature a mixture of polished and brushed surfaces. The casebands and bezel are also polished. The large, circular-brushed internal flange that surrounds the dial is a nice detail.What can we draw from the Atelier Wen porcelain Odyssey watch? One thing is certain: these watches are Franck Muller Replica unique. While some may not appreciate the strong Chinese influence, we must recognize the consistency and differentiation of the project and the overall nice execution of the dials and case.Franck Muller Replica

A thick sapphire crystal is placed on top of the watch.Franck Muller replica watches It brings out nice reflections and slight distortions. This makes it more vibrant. The watch is completed by a leather strap in "Nanking Blue" with an Franck Muller Replica alligator pattern. The watch features quick-release spring bars. It is made of solid steel and features a deep embossed animal from Chinese legend Kunpeng (Kun Peng), which was also used as inspiration for this logo.The dials are the most Franck Muller Replicaimportant aspect of the AtelierWen Porcelain Odyssey. The brand's dials are where it stands out. They provide a clear and easy-to-understand Chinese inspiration, as well as a Franck Muller Replica material that is in keeping with the concept. Zirconium oxide is used to make the dials in blue or white. This barbarian name is actually porcelain. It was applied to a copper base and heated at 1400 degrees C. It results in a warm, milky dial that is rich in colour. Franck Muller Replica While enamel is certainly more appealing, it will also cost you a lot more. The result is already quite pleasant, but don't let that stop you.Franck Muller Replica

There will be two designs.Franck Muller Replica Hao (Hao) is the first. It features a white Franck Muller Replica porcelain dial with blue elements to homage to Qinghua Ci's (Qing Hua Ci) porcelains. It also features heat-blued leaves hands that keep the overall porcelain look consistent. The sub-dial at 6 o’clock is a nice touch. It "is inspired from a traditional time measurement system called Dizhi (Di ), or Earthly Branches." The characters Mao Mao (bottom left) and You (top right) signify the Franck Muller Replica hours of 5 AM to 7AM and 5 PM to 7. PM respectively - which is sunrise and sunset.The second dial features a deep blue porcelain called Ji (Ji), which is named after the Chinese word Jilan (Ji Lan). The dial's periphery features a stylised Huiwen Franck Muller Replica (Hui Wen) pattern. The blue dial has applied hour dots and baton markers for indices. It also features rhodium-plated leaves hands. This sub-dial, inspired by the Taoist concept of "Bagua", is also different. Each symbol is a cardinal direction that Franck Muller Replica indicates the position of sun in the sky, and the associated time.Franck Muller Replica