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The Breitling Replica Arnold and Son Constant Force Tourbillon looks complicated at first glance. Breitling Replica However, when you examine it closely you will see that it is a simple watch in terms of display. It has three hands (hours and minutes at the center and a small seconds) and that's it. Breitling Replica There is no calendar, no unusual way to tell time, no minute repeater, or double-rattrapante clock... just the time. Then you sit down, take a closer look at the things in front of your eyes and Breitling Replica realize that your initial impression was correct. The Arnold and Son Constant Force Tourbillon watch is quite complex, not just in terms of its display but also in how the movement drives the 3 hands. It was designed to be precise in every position and over the Breitling Replica entire power reserve. Each artifice has been designed to increase the accuracy and chronometry. Period! The second blast is the construction of the movement, which has been considered to be both efficient and elegant as well as perfectly balanced.Breitling Replica

The Breitling Replica Arnold and Swiss Replica Watches Son Constant Force Tourbillon has 4 complications. This is in addition to the indication of the time. Breitling Replica However, the goal is to increase the accuracy and that this be done over the entire length the power reserve. We have a double barrel, but not in parallel, then a constant force device and a one-minute tripbillon, and finally a deadbeat second (or what Arnold and Son call a "seconde morte")Tourbillon is an escapement that Abraham Louis Breguet patented in 1801. It was developed at the end of 18th century. Both pocket watches, marine chronometers, and Breitling Replica clocks had the same problem at that time. They were in a static position. For instance, pocket watches were kept inside a vest pocket and spent most of their time upright. Gravity has an effect on the regulator of watches, just as gravity does on everything else on Earth. Watches' rate was adversely affected by Earth's gravitational forces, particularly the balance, whose oscillations were crucial to the accuracy and precision of the movement. Abraham-Louis Breguet Breitling Replica came up with the idea of enclosing the balance, balance spring, and escapement in a small cage that rotates on itself, completing one revolution per minute. The regulating organ can then adopt successively all vertical positions. Rate errors cancel each other out.Breitling Replica

Nowadays,Breitling Replica the utility of a tourbillon can be questioned.Breitling Replica Watches Tourbillons are wristwatches that track the wearer's movements and so are rarely placed in a static position. While this is true when the watch has been worn, it is not applicable when it is Breitling Replica sitting on your nightstand or in your safe. While the importance of a tourbillon is not a given, Greubel Forsey proved the usefulness of a watch with such a device by winning the 2011 International Chronometry Competition (with a remarkable score).The Arnold and Son Constant Force Tourbillon comes with a one minute tourbillon. It is very precise in its construction. To make the balance lighter, more balanced, and more aerodynamic, the balance is made Breitling Replica of two arches instead of a complete circle of metal. Although this has a very small influence, it is still a testament to the hard work Arnold and Son put into every detail.The Arnold and Son Constant Force Tourbillon's tourbillon regulator is not directly connected to the gear train. Instead, the delivery of torque is Breitling Replica controlled using a mechanism that maintains the energy supply to the escapement. Let's start by stating the problem. A main spring is what gives energy to a watch. It is a long, strong spring that is relatively large (relatively speaking, considering the size of the Breitling Replica watch) and is wound. The spring then unwinds to provide energy to the gear train. This energy is called the power reserve. A watch has torque, unlike a car loaded with gasoline. The main issue is that the main springs of watches react as every other kind of spring. This means that they have more torque when fully wound and less when almost unwound. This means that a fully wound spring delivers more torque to both the gear train, and then to the escapement. An almost unwound spring gives the escapement less energy.Breitling Replica

The Breitling Replica watch's chronometric performance can be affected by this fluctuation in energy.Breitling Replica A watch that is fully wound will run better than one that is almost unwound. This is also why it is Breitling Replica important to regularly wind your watch. This is a difficult situation for watchmakers who need to regulate the watch and its regulator organ. The torque transmitted to the escapement can vary from one watchmaker to another. Watchmakers dream of Breitling Replica the constant force. This means that no matter how winding the main spring takes place, the torque level remains constant. Unfortunately, a true 100% constant force is still a fantasy. However, several devices make it possible to get very close to this engineer’s dream.Arnold and Son chose a "retouroire" solution for Constant Force Tourbillon. This is something also used by FP Journe Breitling Replica